Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lacrosse Season 2016 Beginning

It's funny to think that the last time I was actively posting we didn't even know what lacrosse was, and now we are like the poster family for the sport!  So in the spring of 2014 Musa started playing lacrosse for the team as a 7th grader.  We all quickly loved the sport, attended the games, and even formed nice friendships with the team families.  8th grade was another fun season, and now in 9th grade, it continues.  Musa is on the JV team as a defender (the position he's played since 7th grade).  He's really into the sport.  He learned it so quickly and improved his skills quite rapidly as well.  It's so fun to watch him play.  They play 5 days a week.  Here are a few pictures of him in action this year.  Pictures are taken by some team moms with amazing skills!!!  He's number 17.

Quite unfortunately, there are not ANY team moms on Heba's team to spoil us with such professional quality action shots!  Heba started playing last year as a 7th grader and is enjoying it even more this year in 8th grade.  They practice 3 nights a week and have weekend games.  She's been playing on the offense this year as Attack and has scored a few goals!  Therefore.... I have only a couple of 'homemade' shots of her, and obviously, she's the one wearing the hijab :D

And last but not least, our youngest monkey Aisha has started her lacrosse journey this year as a 1st grader!  She's had a couple of weeks of practice and they're hoping to line up a couple of games for this age group. She LOVES it even though it's girls' lacrosse and not boys' lacrosse.  She got so used to playing with Musa the past two years that she was hoping to play on his team when she got to first grade :D How cute.  I'm going to wait for a better picture of her than the one I have right now.  Hopefully I'll remember to post it.

Thanks for reading this far!

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  1. Glad to see you back, Zein! Looks like you are all enjoying lacrosse greatly! We don't have that sport down here, so it's fun to see your pictures!